Distortions of life


For me, art is an autotherapy that allows me to know my inner world and work with my emotions.

I often let these emotions of the present moment transform, leaving aside the mind and, like Zen painting, lead me to create portraits of characters from this feeling.

‘Big Eye II’ is part of one of these creations. For me, it represents the emotions he felt at the time of his creation. It is not created using any photograph, nor has it been previously¬†raised, but it is spontaneous and is drawn directly in ink, looking for imperfection and error, because this makes it more authentic and, in my opinion, this imperfection gives it more character and the sensations that I wanted to express in that moment from my conscience.

About my portraits:
In my portraits I use photos or my imaginations as a reference.
I don’t like to make a perfect portrait of the character, I seek to capture the sensations or emotions that it transmits, which seem more volatile and unimportant, but are more special for me.
I search the beauty of imperfection.
The wabi sabi philosophy inspires my art.

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