About Me – Dani Maresma Artworks

Working for more than 25 years in the design world, first as a graphic designer and currently as a jewelry designer, his imagination has always been surrounded by image culture and the work with color and form. 

For about 15 years, his passion for art, specifically painting, led him to start experimenting in this field, initially as a complement to their work. 

Currently working professionally in both artistic disciplines: design jewelry and painting. His painting is based on the portrait, form, abstraction and color. 

The combination of these four elements led him to experiment with the mediums and materials to convey sensitivity and spirituality. 

Spirituality is possibly the most defining element Dani Maresma due to his passion for yoga and meditation, it is inevitable to find references about it on his work. 

So Art,  allowing Dani Maresma work on his personal growth as a complement to meditation. 

Contact with me if you have some questions about me, my art or about exhibitions.

You can send an email to art@danimaresma.com

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