Have you ever bought something and not used it for a while?

A year is a long time?
It is a syndrome . ?

Last year, around this time, I was for four days in Venice, to celebrate the end of the year.

One of these days of relaxation,
walking around Bergamo,
I found a book about Hokusai
and I bought it.

So far so good!

Well, today, checking out my bookstore,
I found this book, still packed,
unopened …

And that this year I wanted to convert to the minimalist … Ha, ha, ha
So many contradictions in our lives, right?

it has never happened to you that you have bought something,
that would make you very excited,
that will tell you a lot of pleasure at that moment,
to make you live the present,
that would awaken a feeling in you,
an indescribable emotion,
and then when you get home
Do you take some time to release it?

Well, look!
Many times we buy what we don’t need
and we do it by looking for a better version of us,
a more complete I,
and we think we will be better people,
that we will like each other better,
that we will be happier.

And what we really buy is excitement,
the emotion of living the present moment,
to be there in concentration;
the emotion of the happiness of the present moment,
which is completed with our purchase,
which is completed by taking it home.

And then, in time,
you can enjoy it again,
you live again the emotion of that moment,
and open the book,
It’s like you’re there again.

we have to be more alive when it comes to buying,
observe the emotion,
live it, enjoy it,
because it is such a great moment of presence,
as if in a state of deep meditation.

If at some point you get this emotion,
unbridled excitement about buying Art!
To decorate your home!
Take a look at my shop 😉

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