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To feel, to live, to be.

Meditate on the present, on yourself, on your body
and feel how your body appreciates these moments for you:

Close your eyes, wherever you are.

Observe your inner self,
observe the darkness,
enters into you.

Feel your body,
how it vibrates,
how it flows,
how it grows,
how he lives …

And breathe,
Feel the air filling you up,

Feel the present,
feel the present,
you are all here,

Your body is already grateful for these moments for you.
Go on, get inside yourself.
Further into you.
The deeper you go,
more Peace,
more serenity.

And it feels like …
everything flows more intensely within this universe of serenity.

Hey, again, your body.
Evade the thoughts, which call to you.

Come back to yourself,
to your eternal vibration
what is your BEING
that is YOU.

Feel this vibration inside you,
around you,
your energy.

And breathe.

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